Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mati Enjin... ??? ... !!!

Something funny happened yesterday (I'm still smiling while I'm typing this post). Here it goes:

Yesterday, my KS(which consists of me, Chris, Paul, Witter, Ivan(sleeping) and Jeremy) did a combine KS with Adris' KS (which consists of Adris, Melvin, Edwind and Jeremy again). There was no praise and worship, we just did a prayer meeting (around 8.15pm) which the items that we prayed for are:

1. Mark Jeeva's health.
2. Persefahaman antara PERKEBians.
3. Tesis (Adris & Melvin).
4. Persediaan mid-term.
5. Wisdom semasa membuat ulangkaji.
6. Perjalanan rohani (spiritual walk).
7. PERKEBians bersatu dan bersinar dalam kasih Yesus.

After that, we went all the way to Sungai Chua to have our dinner. It was roughly around 9.00pm. Melvin went to borrow Shao Yi's car due to drizzling. By the time we reach makan shop, it was already 9.40pm.

Muka-muka lapar CG Adris + CG saya.

We ordered "fuu yoong tan" (telur Seremban), "chiew phai tau fuu"(sizzling hot plate tofu), "lai yauu kai" (butter milk chicken), "oung choi belacan" (kang kung belacan) and "ku lou yok" (fried pork in tomato sauce).

Going... going... gone...

The food was good, and all of them tambah nasi besar summore... Adui... The total cost of the food was RM77.00. Not bad la, once in a while what. After that, around 10.20pm, we make our journey back to UKM.

Aight, now let's go to the funny part of this whole post. Me, Witter, Paul, Edwind followed Jeremy's car back while Chris and Adris followed Melvin's car. On the way back, we sesat in Sungai Chua for a while before we found the correct path to go back to UKM. Halfway thru the journey, Jeremy's car broke down... Dunno what's the problem la (battery was good, the petrol was good, everything was fine). My guess is his car's spark plug but dunno la. Jeremy called Melvin for back up and in the mean time, we were stranded there for 20 mins. After that I tried igniting the car and it works. The car is "alive" once again. And so, we waited for Melvin to reach us and after that, 2 cars headed back to UKM with Jeremy's car in front and Melvin following behind us (Melvin as backup and this time, only me and Edwind is in Jeremy's car, to "kurangkan beban kereta" wor).

Everything was good until we reach UKM's pintu gerbang, when the traffic light changes from yellow to red. Jeremy has to stop, right? Guess what... His car broke down again... and this time, the car memang "mati" terus. Melvin gave us a good suggestion, to push the car inside UKM first, then only see how. And so, we did the exact thing (the most logical thing to do at that time). So, me, Edwind, Chris, Paul and Witter pushed Jeremy's car from the traffic lights until we pass the UKM's guardhouse. It was funny la... to have such an experience in a day. Dahla sesat on the way back to UKM, now have to tolak kereta pula... adui... While they're pushing Jeremy's care, I sempat take a few pictures. Hohoho (super sampat I tell you...).

Tolak... tolak!!!

Alright, there you go. Haha, just feel like posting this only, weee!

Tuhan berkati! =D

Friday, August 17, 2007

3rd Post: Temptations...

Need God's help. The temptation and the desire of having a girlfriend is quite high these few days... Not only does this happen to me, but it also happen to my friend, my brother in Christ that's very close to my heart. Adui...

Sometimes, I do wonder why am I restricting myself in only finding a girlfriend that is a believer. I believe that if she's a believer, God will somehow bless our relationship (if that relationship is based on God and if we totally surrender ourselves to God). Maybe that's why my scope in finding a girlfriend is:
1. She MUST be a believer in Christ.
2. Her love for GOD MUST be strong.
3. If I ever really wanna go after this girl, my intention is to bring her relationship with God closer, and not bringing her relationship to me closer (I don't really know how to put this into words...).

Hmm, only those who really know me will understand what I'm trying to say... haha. By the way, the temptation of having a non-Believer girlfriend is quite high also. Nonetheless, I'm still gonna wait on God and wait for now. God knows when is the time that WONG CHING HOW is ready for a relationship.

Till then. Adios. =D

Tuhan berkati.

Monday, August 13, 2007

2nd Post: What a sight... =D

I've been singing in Artisukma Choir for 2 days straight, since Saturday and woke up at 6.45am... Super tired...

But in that midst of sleepiness (what to do... tiring la... :P) and busyness (running here and there "lambung" and baling "people"). Somehow I felt like... rejoicing with the graduates. It's like... unexplainable la... not until when I went back to my room and did my quiet time, that I realise there's this particular verse that struck me...

Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.
- Romans 12:15 -

Quite true ya. To me, during my convocation, I would like to see my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ, my parents and my significant other (if I have one la har :P) to be with me, celebrating with me and REJOICING with me. If during my convocation, there's only my parents and not a single brother/sister in Christ REJOICING with me... erm... kinda sad la... terasa juga...

Moving on...

What a sight I tell you... First time in my life see a real-life drama. Haha. Never thought that there's going to be a guy that asks for a girl's hand in marriage just after the girl's convocation. To me, I was kinda speechless and happy for the girl at the same time.

Below are some of the interviews that I've made with a certain number of people that witnessed that sight:

"Ei... very touching la..."

"Wow... I'm speechless..."

"Adui... lawak..."

"Hou kaam yan ahr..."

Congrats to you, miss-ex-Artisukma-Choir (sorry ya, kinda forgot your name ady... it's the thought that counts ma =D).

Aight, gotta cabut now. Arigato and God bless. =D

Friday, August 10, 2007

1st Post: Weee~~~ 3rd Blog... :P

Muahahaha, this is ma third blog, since the first one I had when I was 18 (xanga) and then switched to friendster's blog and finally in blogspot. I hope this time, I'm really settling down here la... hohoho.

Very tired now... dunno what to say. Good nite peepz. God bless. I'll write more... I promise... =.=