Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1 down, 5 to go...

Just a short countdown post to my finals.

1. English for Information Technology. - DOWN.
2. Software Engineering.
3. Human-Computer Interaction.
4. Neural Networks.
5. Systems Analysis, Design and Management.
6. Java Programming.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Latest prayer...


I pray that You'll prepare my heart to whatever answer that she's going to give, may it be a 'yes' or 'no'. I believe that You have great plans for me and her, great people for both of us to meet, and I believe that You have the best instored for the both of us, whether it's Your will for us to be together or not. This time, I'm really, totally, surrendering everything to You for Lord, I want to please You, You and You alone. I pray that Lord, You will give mutual agreement answers to me and her. Let Your will be done.

This I ask and pray in Jesus' name, -amen-

PS: The reason I blog this down is not to show off but to remind myself of what I've prayed. =D

God bless.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

This world facinates me...

Today, while surfing Friendster, I thought of something, something struck my mind.

"This world is facinating. Everyone, living their own life stories, piece by piece authored by God Himself. Seeing every human being's happy faces, especially my brothers and sisters in Christ, and seeing them in happy relationships with their family members, their significant other, truely facinates me. I'm happy for them."

Emo right? Haha, dunno why suddenly like that. Think about this > If you have one super-hard-and-super-strong-and-super-duper-magnificent love life, as in, from before you know a particular guy/girl > getting closer to one another > praying for one another > seeking God for answers > success in getting him/her > getting married > have kids > live wonderfully and blessed by God in so many ways. The hardships that both of you go through, the disappointments, the happy times, the sad times and finally to be able to share this story back to you grandchildren, hebat kan? LOL, think too far ahead but somehow, I feel, quite nice lor if like that... haha =)

Thanks to my sis for "whacking" me yesterday, it was a good one sis. Thanks alot =)

Aight, gotta go off now.

Message to God: You memang wonderful la, apa pun You tahu, sometimes, You do work in funny ways and I know sometimes, when I pray and say something which I believe that is what You're trying to tell me, I have peace, somehow. Haha, I know You love me and I know You're molding me every single second of my life. Just want to say thank you to You and I surrender everything, eventhough it's hard because of my sinful and selfish nature, I pray and fast and commit myself, my family, my friends, my future partner(whom You're molding and preparing her for me), into Your hands. Eventhough I don't want to, but I know that this is the only right thing to do. Take care for me God, I know You will. Help my unbelieve. In Your Son's mighty Name, -amen-

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Not again...

Again, it started to happen again. This feeling of disappointment, feeling of fear, feeling of uncertainty, lies in my heart again.

Heard something shocking today, and was totally speechless, somehow, when I'm able to agak it. Don't really know what's the real situation, still waiting and wanting to hear what is actually going on.

We are human beings, memang normal ba if sometimes we like this person, and at that same time, like another person. Don't really know actually how we felt towards this particular person, and that particular person ba, but what I know is, the choice is in your hands, whether you accept it or not. God gave us that freedom, we pray, and we ask God to guide us, but do you know that whatever choices you make, God is always there for you and as long as what you do with that choice that you've chosen, as long as the journey that you take (which includes whatever you do, whatever that will happen), as long as it pleases God, God will be there for you and He will guide you through.

That's what I believe. Therefore I have to know the real situation first, before I take any actions. I hope you don't feel guilty or whatsoever, I'm a human being and I've been through your situation and I've made my mistake, I've made a decision that I've regretted... but I have moved on with my life, and now finding you, knowing that there's a chance for the both of us if we persevere and keep on praying...

I don't wanna give up...

I refuse to give up...

Not until God says, "Terence, let her go..."


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just some things to ponder...

Guys / Girls, if you're reading my blog, drop me a comment / shout out at my shoutout box ya about these few questions that I have in mind.

1. Most of us are students, right? What is our responsibility as a student?

My answer: Study hard, use our results to glorify God's name. Studies should be our focus right after God and family.

2. Responsibility towards our parents as a student?

My answer: To delight them with my results and to prove to them that being a Christian and actively serving in church doesn't mean that I won't do well in my studies (My parents are non-Christians ).

3. What if we actively serve in Church / any Christian organization but we neglect our studies?

My answer: Now that's bad... If really being "too" active (definition of "too" >> serve Church 24/7 like the whole church can't function when you're not around) and that makes my results menjunam, I'll rethink and maybe serve in a smaller scale, not that I terus stop serving. What I believe is, God would like me to know my priorities right, to be a living testimony and to shine forth His light to the people that is around me. Therefore, I believe that God will let me finishup my education first, and along the way, He'll prepare me for future, to do something for His Kingdom. That's what I believe la.


You can tell me that education is not important, next time "cari makan" pakai otak one. Yea, I know, but this is what I believe la > Education is important as a base to prepare us, human beings, for things to come in the future. In order to serve God and to be used by God efficiently, we should (if i may use the word > MUST) at least build a strong foundation of education.

*This is just my thoughts ya, the way I think. M not shooting anyone in particular. If you have some other thoughts / canggahan, drop a comment. =)

Tuhan berkati.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Short update, REAL short...

Nothing much has happened lately, been at home for more than a week and right now, am currently rushing my assignment. Hehe. That's all lor =)

Was listening to this emo song for a few days liao, hehe, memang nice, recommended by me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sudah balik...

Weee, reached Serdang since Friday and memang, the whole week was packed. Went to uni for a short KO + PKS meeting from 9am - 11am and then terus went to church at 12pm on Saturday for dance practise, all the way until 5pm where the Saturday evening service started and all the way to TSF. To cut it short, m at church since 12pm till 10pm.

Sunday pula, went to Setia Jaya, and then Joann fetched me, Rachel and Felicia to City Harvest Church to watch a play. The church was great, core believes are the same, it's just that the culture is a bit different =). The play was great, good job, my bro mr. Hun Ter, and it's cute to see Huey Szee running around and singing =).

Had a great time chit-chatting with them and sharing what has been going on in my life. Then, took KTM back to Serdang and reached home at about 5pm. Monday pula, laze whole day, went to pay some bills and then makan and then rehat, nite pula got AJK PERKEB meeting, a critical meeting until 12am likdat (can't remember liao).

Tuesday went to class at 10am-12pm, then rush to midval to meet up with her. Then jalan2, makan2, beli barang until 6pm. I waited for a train from 6pm-7pm. Missed d first train coz too full d, can't masuk anymore. Hmm, mayb it's God's planning also. Coz i met mr. Hun Ter! across the railway tracks. both of us shouted while we're talking, haha, everyone looked at us... lawak betui... Reached ukm at 8pm, makan, then 9pm went to meeting and finally came back at 3am in the morning. Been wide awake for 18 hours straight (i woke up at 9am ma). Adui... went back, sleep, and woke up today at 11.00am.

She's already reach d airport in Sabah liao, thank God for a save journey for her. Mmm, i guess that's all la, will be updating again.

PS: Just cut my hair, hohoho =P