Saturday, January 19, 2008

Your grace is enough.

A song that pops into my mind early this morning, credits to Chris Tomlin and his team of people who worked on this marvellous song:

Great is Your faithfulness oh God
You wrestle with the sinner's heart
You lead us by still waters and to mercy
And nothing can keep us apart

So remember Your people
Remember Your children
Remember Your promise
Oh God

Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough
Your grace is enough for me

Great is Your love and justice God
You use the weak to lead the strong
You lead us in the song of Your salvation
And all Your people sing along

Your Grace is enough
Heaven reaching down to us
Your Grace is enough for me
God, I see Your grace is enough
I'm covered In your love
Your grace is enough for me
For me

PS: I realise that when I'm down, I post a lot :P

Current mood: Ready for the day. =D

Friday, January 18, 2008

Blue: The human side of me.

Everything seems to be hanging at the moment, time, space, every single thing that you can imagine.

Once you take the wrong step/say the wrong thing/do the wrong thing, you're dead. The feeling is unbearable, feeling of whether what you've just done hurt the opposite party, whether what you've just done disturb/affect the opposite party physically, mentally or spiritually.

Sigh, life is hard. And I think I suck at it at the moment. By the way, I always say that I have passion in BGR, sometimes I realise that I don't do what I preach.

See? I do suck in life at the moment. Feeling blue. Sigh.

Current mood is: Desperate for answers, complaint to God, waiting for Him to answer...

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Hmm, sometimes, maybe because I'm just a human being, haha, I tend to think a lot of "what if"-s. What if this? What if that? LOL, and at the end of the day, I realise that all those "what if"-s don't really matter coz God is in control of every situation in my life, whether I like it or not. Sometimes I don't really like it, I really wanna do this / that my way, but I do know that God has His own way and sometime things just don't go our way because God wanna prevent us from a bigger disaster.

See how much God loves you? =)

God bless.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

It's off!

My earrings are off, officially. =)


Sunday, January 6, 2008


First of all, I was reading a book by John Bevere entitled "Drawing Near" during the holidays and the book gives me a practical look at how to draw near to God, how to listen to Him, a lot la... So, I was reading and came a part that talks about listening to God...

He speaks to us and all we have to do is to listen, to be still and silent and be sensitive to God, focus... He speaks to us non-stop, through the Bible, audible voice, your inner voice, convictions of your heart. And I truly believe it... coz God spoke to me, He gave me 2 convictions... (PS: We should believe first, then we shall see. But human beings tend to see first, then only believe. Check the Bible, the people in the Bible often believe first, then they see God's spirit in action, I'm still learning to do this... Hehe).

Okay. 1st conviction: I was bathing(I always get lotz of stuff in the bathroom... LOL), and thinking a lot of stuff, my future, this and that, when I come to think of this particular girl (Miss A), I hear a voice that says:

Me > I don't know... I'm not sure...
Voice > GOOD.

Suddenly I felt this fear in me, the fear of taking the wrong step, the fear of making choices / making decisions out of my own selfish nature, as in, I WANT IT SO BAD I DON'T CARE, GOD, YOU MUST GIVE ME. I fear that... So, that was my first conviction lor... (I managed to tell Miss A about it and thank God she understands =))

Second conviction: I was sitting on my bed, reading the Bible and praying la. Suddenly there's a voice again and I feel bad:


I terus feel bad after that... And don't know, somehow, got convicted of taking my earrings off already. I somehow feel that it symbolizes me of getting serious with God and no play play d la (somehow letak earring like play play saja, I'm a guy ma), so friends, I'm taking it off already, and don't ask me why. If you ask, I'll refer you to my blog address (which is this one, muahahaha).

Shallom. =)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year, New Everything!

Thanks to ANNA TEOH for reminding me to update my blog :P and also thanks to all those who mentioned that I need to update my blog, so here it is! An update! :P

Well, just wanna take this opportunity to wish all you peeps out there a very Blessed New Year. Just like what the topic says, I pray that this is what is going to happen to me, a new year, new everything (spiritually, mentally, physically).

This New Year, you might see some changes in me, regarding my opinions on what I've posted back in 2007. Gain some new insights after talking with some of my church leaders, questioning them, seeking God in prayer, reading His words, gain some new conviction from the Spirit, adui, lotz of things happened during the hols... Kinda scared but at the same time excited about it also, what's gonna happen to me in 2008? I wonder...

I'll update more on this ya, stay tuned!

God bless.