Monday, March 31, 2008

Update after so so long... :P

Hey guys, thanks to some of you who asks how come I didn't update my blog. Well, it's being a hell of months if I could say, so many things happened in my life. Just a quick list on what has happened:

1. MKes 07/08
2. Easter performance in church
3. Got into the worship team in church
4. So call on/off in a relationship
5. Cousin brother passed away in a freak accident
6. My brother fell down from the motorcycle, fractured his left wrist
7. Spiritually down and started to question God a lot
8. A lot of things has happened that made me look at this world in a different perspective
9. Projects and assignments, non-stop, week after week

There you have it, that's why I couldn't update my blog peeps =)

Well, just fell like pouring out my heart today in this faithful blog, haha, at least I can blog down what is in my heart right now.

Been thinking bout my relationship with a girl lately, memang full of ups and downs and I realise that, everytime when both of us are near to become a couple, something will happen. I believe it's from God la. Something will just happened either to me or her. Let me give you this scenario:

Imagine you are running a race on a race track, and suddenly, you reach a high wall. Rather than jumping/climbing over the wall, we end up banging into the wall, and then stand up again, and bang again. It has been proven and memang a few times it happened, mainly > Going to be a couple, something happened. Going to be a couple again, something happened.

So far, I can only come up with two solutions:
1. This person is not the one that God wants me to be with (He prepares but it's up to our freewill to choose, right? But God knows what's best for me and for her.)
2. It is not the time yet (if it's from God, it will work and in the mean time, God is molding the both of us).

But somehow, from what I see, from the things and all and my own experience (I'm a human, we shouldn't believe in our own experience but trust in God), my guess is God's answer is choice number 1. Somehow I don't know, maybe I'm denying it myself because if God were to ask me, I will definitely choose choice number 2, wait first.

I don't know la... sigh, bottomline - it's a sad story la. Well, life must go on and we can choose whether to live life sadly or live life happily. I choose the latter.

God bless. =)