Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just some time off...

Having a little break right now. Been on a marathon of computer ethics' notes for 4 hours, and still going strong... haha. It's really brain-draining, reading all of the ethics. Thank God the paper is an objective paper. Weee...

Anyway, just an update again. This week is the busiest week of my life so far. Rushing for my group thesis (in which am not able to finish anyway) in the midst of finals for 3rd sem. Never have thought that 3rd sem is over, so freaking fast... In 2 weeks time, I'll step into the working world. Gonna work like working for God and not for humans, haha, and pray also, coz I wanna get a contract with the company before my industrial training ends.

Anyway, I just felt pressured lately, maybe because I have lotz of things to do and seriously, I totally realise that males are goal-based human beings. It's like, no time for emo-emo stuff, it's serious and it's-time-to-finish-what-I-have-started kinda thing. I am easily irritated even with my own classmates who wanted to ask me questions regarding the exams. Hohoho, but thank God all these is coming to an end coz tomorrow is my final paper and this Friday is the group thesis presentation.

After that, I'm off to uni to disturb new intakes, hahaha :P Btw, for those people who like guitars especially if you like an electric guitar that combines with an acoustic, try going to youtube and search for "Les Paul Ultra 2". =)

Till then, God bless.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Been thinking alot of my life lately, somehow I felt that I'm falling down, way down, into a place of unknown, a place where I heard of but I've never dreamt of going there. A situation where I never thought I will be in...

The feeling of disappointment, the feeling of guilt, the feeling of not being able to be true to myself and the people around me, the feeling of trying to hide myself from the world. I believe everyone in this world, would have been into a place or a situation where things get out of control and we let feelings and emotions cover our faith, cover what we believe in, the morals that we hold on to...

I don't even understand what I am posting right now, lately I'm in a situation of loss of words, nothing much to say, say also you all cannot help me, say also you all don't understand, hmm, I bet only God knows what I'm going through right now...

To all the friends that I know, I hope all of you will continue to be strong in the Lord and know that He understands and He knows what we're going through even if there is nothing coming in, as in, a sign, a Word, an answer. Never put your trust and faith in humans but trust the One and only Creator that has created you. Whatever situation that you're in, always believe that no human rules can overcome God. He is in control of everything, yesterday, today, and in the future.

I find myself lately that when I'm concentrating working, I can't seem to sms much, haha, reply people's messages la, it's hard to focus... And by the way, I think most of you who know me tend to know that I'm a person that likes to talk about having a partner and all, well, guess what? I've given up on that and let God reign over my life coz I realise that... I am definitely not ready for a relationship, not ready for a commitment coz I have so many things that I haven't done yet, such as - achieving financial stability, achieving spiritual stabililty (consistent in my walk with God), achieving and sharpening my guitar skills, travel around the world alone. =)

Well, I guess I kinda starting to realise and enjoy how nice it is to be single and wait. =)

Maybe all I need is just a lil bit of time off from every pressure that is attacking me, huhuhu.

Till then, signing off.