Sunday, July 13, 2008


That's right, this is what I'm doing right now, this whole semester of my final year: INTERNSHIP!

I've started my internship in ExxonMobil Business Support Centre Malaysia Sdn Bhd and if I can describe the whole company with just one word, I'd say: AWESOME!

One thing la, it's a big company ma, so... I'm kinda like > wow, this is cool. wow, that is great. wah, i like the policy here. what? can wear like that one ahr? Never have I thought that there somethings (attire, snacks, listening to music) that we can FREELY do and there are somethings (internet access, telephone calls, emails) that are being heavily monitored.

Learned quite a lot even in the first week, and somehow, maybe because i'm new in this, actually i'm anticipating to go to work everyday (maybe because in my subconsciouness, i'm trying to enjoy what i'm doing la), coz no point sulking and complaining ma, just do whatever the company throws at me lor. Hehe

Just feel like updating my blog saja, hohoho. That's all la, gotta go sleep d (waking up 6.15am everyday and sleeping at 11pm everynite... i dunno how come some people still got time for clubbing and paktor and watch muvees in d cinema... -.-").

Countdown: 19 weeks to go.