Monday, August 4, 2008


At last, I saw Chris Tomlin! Not only that... Louie Giglio also! and not forgetting... Charlie Hall! Haha, sorry ya, just too exciting bout them already =P

Last nite, went to Passion World Tour '08 and they happen to stop by Kuala Lumpur this year. At first, I wasn't feel like going but indeed... I have no regrets going. The message was good (it's like hammering nails into your own heart), God's presense is definitely there (goosebumps from head to toe during d worship) and great music.

It was like > I'm dreaming coz i'm looking at Chris Tomlin playing the acoustic and some electric, and he's just like right in front of me... goodness... He's the one that kinda like... made me determined to take up guitar and practise and prayerfully one day will be like him, writing and singing songs for God's glory. Nonetheless, God has different plans for different people and I believe mine will be something awesome coz God did not plan my life just to be an average Joe. =)

Kinda more motivated to practise guitar and you know what? If I can use this talent to just even bless someone throughout the course of my life and to be able to make people see God's glory in me, not my own glory, I can die a happy man =)

Determination: To life a life making Jesus' name famous! =)

Countdown: 15 weeks left for Internship.