Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Holla, it's me again! Just some updates so that you know what I'm going through and how am I currently:

1. I sensed that God is telling me it's a season of change for me... maybe in what I'm doing, the place I'll be going... it can be anything... Somehow... confirmation also got d... (different days, and heard the same message over-and-over again > This is a season of change... from 3 different people, 3 different church...) Pray with me and we'll see. I believe it's a good change! =D

2. I've bought an acoustic guitar with a pickup (finally), after forking out a huge sum of money for the beauty... Heee~ BTW, it's a Yamaha CPX700, black colour... I'll just call it a Yammie la :D

3. FGC was great. It was totally an eye opener, in a sense that I personally get to know more about Islam and it kinda triggered me to google more info regarding Islam. I have lots of M friends and sometimes I do feel for them, their concerns... Hmm... And we have lots of fun in the camp, the games session (it's amusing to see girls washing their long hair as a punishment :P), the drama (cil cil & ya ya... dunno who came out with the idea... they really deserve the no.1), and get to know lots of juniors!

4. Somehow, something is happening to me... My spirit leaps with JOY if I may use that word when I see a certain someone... dang... I need some rest...

Weeks of internship left: 10... and I haven't really start my project yet... -.-"