Sunday, December 21, 2008

I don't understand...

I really really don't understand... This week itself, dunno 2 / 3 of my friends telling me they have either 1. Break up; 2. Fall in love with someone that doesn't like them or 3. They paktor with people of different faith (they are Christians but the partner is not).

Sad case wei... seriously... I'm not sure why, I terasa for them one... I believe this is something that God has planted in my heart, maybe by praying for them, maybe God terasa also... It's not my burden to bear but I feel it... deep inside my heart... sakit tau...

I seriously thank God for all the "experiences" that I have gained throughout my failed relationships. It really has opened my eyes to see the bigger picture, rather than seeing it according to my own "fantasy" world. Indeed God has beautiful plans behind things that happened to us, things that He has allowed to happen in our walk.

Sometimes I do wonder why Christians cannot see the importance of building one's character before venturing into a relationship... I seriously pray that my brothers and sisters will not be me la, someone that needs to go through all the pain and hardship in order to learn... Thank God He opened up my eyes la, seriously...

Haha, I'm not so sure what I'm typing here, just feel like shouting > God, what is happening to this world, especially Christians who buta2 pursue relationships with another human being rather than you??? Paktor with different faith??? What does the Bible has to say about this? You tell me...

Tension tension tension...

*Edited: By the way, won't be in KL for a week. SMS/Call me if it's important ya. God bless!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Rig

Ok, pictures uploaded in Facebook. Check them out here

On to the testimony:
I was actually struggling between giving tithes (10% of my total allowance from my internship) and keeping it to buy another electric guitar (I wanna learn electric, so get another one la :P). Anyway, there are a lot of attacks, for example, questions like, "It's okay la, I keep the money to get the elec, next time work only give tithes la... besides, it's allowance, not gaji also...", "Haven't really work yet ler, this one allowance, tak kira one, so no need to give...", "If I give already... tak cukup to buy an elec la... nvm la, buy elec first...". Was kinda battling these thoughts for a few days... until one day I realise la... Give to God, that's the RIGHT thing to do. And so, I did this prayer, "Lord, I choose to give 10% of the allowance back to You because You are the one that provided me a place for my internship and You are the one that provided the amount of allowance that I'm getting. I choose to honour You and give to You. I will not trust in the amount that I have left to get another electric guitar but I'll just commit this plan into Your hands.".

Eventhough I prayed like that right... the funny thing is this, in my mind, I was thinking, "Nevermind la... next time work only get one electric guitar la...". I know I will get one electric guitar but dunno when saja... Haha. Then, something miraculous happened. 2 days later, one fine morning, my dad was shouting in the living room, "Hey, I kena lottery la!" (he was excited because more than a DECADE already tak kena lottery, eventhough faithfully "investing" in lotteries for more than a DECADE. I was awaken by my dad's excitement. Therefore I came out of my room, asked my dad to tone down (when you kena lottery, you don't want your neighbours to know right?). Anyway, after that, I went to brush my teeth and wash my face. My dad told me from far, "You want to get an electric right? Jom".

I was like, "Is this for real? What the heck...". I thought it's just "coincidence" la... manatau right, the lottery ticket that my dad kena, he didn't buy that number... He "picked" it up (literally). At that particular time I know it has to be God, no one else d. Memang it's from Him la. After that I went back to Taiping for camp and then I told this story to my bestie and you know what he said? "If your prayer aligns with God's will for you at this particular season of your life, God will answer that prayer, according to His will for you." Profound gila... :D

So, that's all la. Have fun.

PS: Pray prayers that align with God's will for you, that's why it's wise to end a prayer with - Your will be done. Cheers.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I'm posting my rig soon. Stay tune for pictures to come :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Misi Orang Asli (MOA)

I just came back yesterday. A bunch of mix feelings involved. Throughout the past 4 days and 3 nights (29th Nov - 2nd Dec) staying in Kampung Serigala, God has opened my eyes to see His greatness and also to rely on Him in the my personal matters and also the matters in the world. Somehow after this MOA, I felt there's changes in me... New desires to serve Him more, especially in terms of maybe visiting Kampung Serigala more often.

I felt that it's no point if I were to just go there for MOA and then biarkan sahaja and do nothing about the friendship, the bridge that I have built in this village. Somehow I don't know... When I see the hunger in them to know more of God's word, I felt ashamed of myself. It's a good time to reflect back on myself, in the sense that how I treat and cherish God's word. The villagers there are simple. Do you know that by just telling them, "God loves you", their eyes will be filled with tears of joy? It makes me reflect back on myself. When I'm down at times, yes I remind myself that God loves me, but it's like, I don't really mean it and it doesn't really make any sense to me? Sigh...

One thing for sure is that throughout this experience in MOA, God really opened my eyes to see their needs, their concerns, their life and their ups and downs. I truly believe that greater things have yet to come to this Kampung and also there's greater things to be done in this Kampung. All in all, this was truly an experience that I will never ever forget. I miss the villagers right now... :(

Right now, at this particular time of my life, I am still struggling with managing myself, managing my time and my commitment towards God. God, I need your help, I need your healing. Break me and mould me to become who You wanted me to be. I want to be the man that I was meant to be. Hear me and speak to me, O' God...

PS: Friends, please do take care of your health. Drink lotz of water and becareful in what you eat. Somehow lately when I see my friends fall sick, I kinda like... have compassion for them as in > Eh, you okay or not? Drink lotz of water k? Haha, if you don't want me to bug you like that, remind yourself to take good care of yourself :)

BTW: Going back to Taiping tomorrow, you won't be able to see me onlining until 10th Dec. So see you peeps ya! :)

To Danny, Su-Jian, Swe Jyan, Kelly, Wan Sian, Grace, Julian and David: You guys are still in my prayer. God be with you and I know that God is going to use all of you to shake Kampung Serigala. Amen.