Monday, January 26, 2009

Blessed Chinese "Niu" Year!

Updates! Wah... sudah lama I didn't blog d... Sorry la... was a bit "bz" *cough*actuallylazy*cough*, that's why lor. Anyway, just finish "pai nian", as usual, visited 2 places, first was in Kepong (travel all the way from Serdang...) and then the next destination was my Yee Poh's house in USJ (was driving from Kepong to there with my dad as my assistant driver and mum behind d car reading newspaper).

My Chinese New Year would be the same every year. Pergi Kepong eat the infamous Bihun Goreng Vegetarian Style (Home recipe k? Even my mum doesn't know how to cook it), and after that chit chat abit and then go to USJ for more cookies and biscuits and cakes and chinese tea / orange juice while watching those cute lil Shih Tzu's running around the house. Basically that's what I do there every year la... chit chat also not long and deep conversations with my cousins and uncles and aunties. One major factor is because I grow up in Taiping, most of the time also only see them once in a year... Most of my time spent growing up with friends from Taiping, that's why... Haha (don't say I anti social k?).

Anyway, just want to take this opportunity to wish all my friends a Blessed Chinese New Year to you and your family members. May God bring you joy, peace, health, prosperity and everything nice to your household! Amen!

-Signing off. Terence-